NCT’s Jeno And Dove Cameron Share A Sweet Interaction, And Fans Are Loving His Flustered Reaction

He was taken by surprise!

NCT‘s Jeno has officially made his runway debut, becoming the first K-Pop idol to open a show at New York Fashion Week. But while NCTzens can’t get enough of the looks he served, his cute interaction with Dove Cameron is also gaining attention.

Dove Cameron and NCT’s Jeno | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

In addition to opening Peter Do‘s fashion show, Jeno also attended Vogue World, which was Vogue‘s 130th-anniversary celebration. There, he instantly went viral after showing off his flawless visuals and muscular physique in a shirtless outfit.

| @debbiew/Instagram

Perhaps predictably, Jeno’s visuals on the runway had netizens going even wilder.


With a backless suit, slit pants, and a striking pair of platform heels, Jeno had all eyes on him.

| @nct/Instagram 

His attendance at New York Fashion Week has been such a success that NCTzens have even been joking about all the celebrities he seems to have won over. Among them was American singer and actress Dove Cameron, whom Jeno first met at Vogue World.

Jeno and Dove Cameron | @nct/Instagram

Dove Cameron was one of the guests at the Peter Do fashion show, where she sat next to Red Velvet‘s Seulgi. NCTzens pointed out adorable evidence of them being his supportive friends.

After the show, Jeno greeted Dove Cameron once again, this time sharing an equally cute interaction. As they took pictures together, she made sure to thank him, to which he politely replied in kind. And as it was also a goodbye, she kindly added, “Be well,” along with a flying kiss.

| @nct/Instagram  

Jeno is an unfailingly polite person, but the flying kiss did seem to take him by surprise, leaving him adorably flustered.

And it did not escape NCTzens’ notice!

Fans found Jeno’s reaction very endearing…

Especially since it shows how polite and unassuming he is. Now, Dove Cameron is following him on Instagram

…and has even “made her debut” in his Instagram profile!

Fans have been enjoying this unlikely friendship, especially since Jeno is known to be more of an introverted person. It’s been great seeing him open up and interact with so many new people!

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NCT’s Jeno Makes His Runway Debut At New York Fashion Week, Driving Netizens Wild With His Daring Fit