NCT Jungwoo’s Older Sister Is Also A Celebrity

There is a resemblance!

This article has been updated to include SM Entertainment’s confirmation of Sports Chosun’s report.

NCT Jungwoo‘s older sister is actually a singer and actress, promoting under her name Kim Min Ah.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, singer and actress Kim Min Ah is Jungwoo’s older sister. Kim Min Ah avoided mentioning her familial relationship with Jungwoo while working in the entertainment industry as she wanted to pave her own path as an actress without using her brother’s name to boost her influence. She was worried that her own activities would possibly bring harm to Jungwoo. Kim Min Ah is currently signed with Woori Actors.

Kim Min Ah started her entertainment career as a singer, debuting in March 2015 under the stage name Haru. She did not release any more music and signed with Woori Actors in 2021 to promote as an actress.

Kim Min Ah has held roles in KBS Joy‘s reenactment variety show Love Naggers 3 and had a short appearance in Netflix K-Drama My Name as a student. More recently, she appeared on Mnet‘s I Can See Your Voice 10.

She also has her own Instagram account, where she posts updates about her daily life.

Jungwoo had previously mentioned he has a sister during a broadcast but didn’t provide many specifics about her.

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Later on, fellow NCT member Johnny also referenced Jungwoo’s sister.

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Woori Actors has confirmed Sports Chosun’s report with their statement to News1. SM Entertainment also released a short statement confirming the report.

Kim Min Ah is Jungwoo’s older sister.

She was careful to not mention it because she was afraid of causing harm to her younger brother, Jungwoo, who was already promoting as a celebrity.

— Woori Actors

It’s correct that Kim Min Ah is NCT Jungwoo’s older sister.

— SM Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun, Xportnews and News1


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