NCT’s Shotaro’s Proves He’s Got A Natural Talent For Modeling In Behind The Scenes Footage From His “Vogue” Photoshoot

He’s a multi-talented king!

NCT Shotaro‘s talent knows no bounds!

NCT’s Shotaro | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

In behind-the-scenes footage from his Vogue Korea photoshoot, Shotaro proved he’s not just a talented rapper, singer, and dancer. He’s a talented model, too!

| NCT/YouTube

In the video, Shotaro revealed that this was his first time doing a magazine photoshoot, and he definitely rocked it!

“It’s my first time doing a magazine photoshoot.” | NCT/YouTube

First, he struck a few poses by an airplane. He’s such a natural that it looks like he’s been modeling for years!

Shotaro said the photos came out well because of the photographers, but he definitely gave them top-notch material to work with.

“They made it look so good.” | NCT/YouTube

After the first part of his shoot, Shotaro changed into a more formal look and served major rich CEO looks.

Then, he rocked a leather jacket and kept posing like a total pro even when one of his rings fell off.

He even posed like an airplane pilot!

Once his photoshoot was over, Shotaro filmed a dance video for Vogue Korea. Of course, he rocked that too like the multi-talented king he is!

See all of Shotaro’s behind-the-scenes footage from his Vogue Korea photoshoot below!



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