NCT Fans Call Out SM Entertainment For “Disrespecting” Taeyong In 3 Languages

Taeyong has continually proven that he’s an incredible leader.

NCT‘s Taeyong is constantly receiving praise for not only his immense skill as an idol, but for the care and consideration he always shows as the leader of NCT.

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SM Entertainment easily chose Taeyong as NCT’s leader because of his immense pride in the team, which is continually shown as Taeyong takes a soft approach to leadership, prioritizing listening to his members. To Taeyong, a good leader can be relied on and trusted, so it’s important for him to always be there for his members.

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In the past, while expressing the difficulties and pressures he has faced as leader, Taeyong even encouraged fans to come to him with any concerns so he can continue to improve.

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Because of how well-loved Taeyong is for his incredible leadership, fans are voicing their frustration with NCT’s new show, welcome to NCT Universe, for one of its recent Twitter captions.

The show focuses on interactions between NCT and the SMROOKIES trainees, which has led to some entertaining moments. Although it’s no surprise that Taeyong takes dancing seriously, in one clip from the show, Shohei explained that he was grateful for Taeyong taking the time to visit the SMROOKIES and teach them some dance moves.

NCT’s Doyoung and Jungwoo took the opportunity to playfully tease Taeyong, explaining that he can be strict regarding dance practice. This is, of course, one of the reasons NCT’s dances are so impressively synchronized.

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While fans enjoyed the clip, truly appreciating how dedicated Taeyong is in spending time helping the SMROOKIES…

Fans did not appreciate how the welcome to NCT Universe Twitter account labeled the idol as “kkontae” (꼰태) in Korean and “Boomer Taeyong” in English.

Fans were also unhappy about the Japanese translation, which has similarly negative connotations.

The Korean term, kkontae (꼰태), was a play on Taeyong’s name and the word kkondae (꼰대), which is used to describe someone, typically older, who constantly refers to how things were back in their day and tries to impose those unnecessary standards on younger people.

Similarly, in English, the word boomer is colloquially used to describe an older person from a different generation in a negative context. Typically using the word boomer would indicate that someone is outdated with their thoughts or beliefs.

Understandably, fans don’t think that “boomer” fits Taeyong’s incredible leadership. Although Taeyong was surprised by the young age of the SMROOKIES, he has continually treated them with respect and supported them as they work to debut.

Fans are demanding that the account rephrase the tweet since it comes across as incredibly disrespectful.

And believe there were many other ways they could have phrased the caption that would have highlighted Taeyong’s true personality.

As of now, the tweet hasn’t been changed, and there has been no word from SM Entertainment.

You can read more about what NCT thinks about Taeyong’s incredible leadership here.

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