NCT’s Ten Goes Viral As Fans Celebrate His Long-Awaited Return To Korea

Fans had previously raised concerns about his treatment by SM Entertainment.

NCT‘s Ten has finally made his long-awaited return to Korea, and NCTzens couldn’t be happier, especially after they have been raising concerns about Ten’s treatment by SM Entertainment throughout the year.

NCT’s Ten

Ten is back home after a lengthy stay in China, where he participated in the variety show Great Dance Crew and showed off his serious main dancer skills.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten left for China back in September of 2021, making it around 9 months since he was last in Korea. His return has had fans so excited that he went viral on Twitter, trending with a total of over 2 million tweets.

Fans had previously called out SM Entertainment (and its subsidiary Label V, WayV’s managing company) for its unfair treatment of Ten while he carried out his solo schedules in China. Due to outbreaks of COVID-19, the shooting of Great Dance Crew was delayed, and Ten was forced to remain in Shanghai longer than originally planned.

Fans expressed anger at the company’s decision to leave Ten in China when he could have returned to Korea for NCT’s promotions, especially considering that his merch was still being sold despite his absence.

But what really concerned NCTzens is that it was seemingly another instance of SM Entertainment’s alleged history of mistreating Ten.

The issue was once again raised following the news of NCT’s collaboration with Sanrio, which will see the members of NCT be matched with popular Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty. Fans felt that it was unfair that the company use Ten’s popularity to promote NCT as a whole but completely fail to promote Ten’s solo work in China.

And since Ten reportedly contributed a considerable amount to the company’s profits in China, the unfairness has been even more keenly felt.

Now that Ten is finally back home, fans can’t help but celebrate the fact he is finally reunited with his members…and his cats! Louis and Leon were naturally the first thing Ten posted on his Instagram story when he got home.

Ten has accomplished much during his stay in China, and the heartfelt message of gratitude he posted about his time with Great Dance Show shows how sincerely he feels about the experience, despite having been away from home for so long.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

We are looking forward to seeing Ten reunited with his members and participating in NCT’s activities again. Welcome home, Ten!