NCT’s Yuta Asks For Taeyong’s Hand At SBS’s “2022 Gayo Daejeon” Driving Fans Wild

YuTae fans rejoice!

SBS’s 2022 Gayo Daejeon was filled with memorable moments, from the unmatched visuals of aespa‘s Karina and LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha to the iconic performances of TXT and NewJeans.

NewJeans performing a cover of Wonder Girls‘ “Tell Me” | 스브스케이팝 X INKIGAYO/YouTube

Other unforgettable moments happened away from the main stage, like Stray Kids Bang Chan‘s cute friendship moment with Felix and NCT Doyoung‘s gentlemanly behavior towards aespa’s Ningning.

Hawkeye fans also spotted a cute interaction between NCT’s leader Taeyong and his fellow member Yuta. After the group was interviewed on the event’s red carpet, Yuta cutely turned back to ask for Taeyong’s hand before continuing to walk forward. Taeyong shyly accepted, which drove NCTzens, NCT’s official fandom, wild!

Some fans pointed out that this was becoming a habit for Yuta, who had also asked Taeyong to hold hands at other events.

Taeyong playfully shoved Yuta’s hand away from himself eventually. Still, as the group leader, it’s hard to imagine he will be able to resist accepting Yuta’s hand again in the future!


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