NeonPunch’s Re-Debut As XUM To Be Pushed Back Due To Coronavirus Testing

Their much-awaited debut will be pushed back.

Just a week ago, it was revealed that NeonPunch was disbanding after a two year long career. The group’s disbanding was immediately followed up by news that three of its members, Dayeon, Baekah and Iaan would be re-debuting in new group, XUM, under the same company, A100 Entertainment.

| A100 Entertainment

On the 20th of August, it was announced that one of the staff for XUM had come into contact with a confirmed patient of the coronavirus on the 17th of August. As the staff was unaware at that time, they were in the same space as the debuting members on the 18th.

A100 Entertainment reportedly told news outlets that as soon as they knew of the staff’s contact with a confirmed patient, they sent the rest of the members and staff to test for the coronavirus and they are currently under self-quarantine. Due to this, their debut that was scheduled for the 25th of August with the single “Ddalala” is scheduled to be pushed back until further notice. The company reported that once the test results are out, they will be adjusting the schedules.

Source: Dailian