Supporting Actors In “A Killer Paradox” Bamboozle Viewers With Their Resemblances

Real? Or CGI?

The two supporting actors in Netflix‘s new K-Drama, A Killer Paradox, are going viral for being AI-level “clones” of the male lead actor Son Suk Ku.

Actor Son Suk Ku in “A Killer Paradox” poster. | Netflix

A tweet, with 5.5M+ views, claimed how ecstatic the director must have been to discover the child actor on the right!

I bet the director went, ‘F*CK YEAH!’ as soon as he saw Son Suk Ku’s child actor.

— @loverdramas/Twitter

Child actor Kang Jee Seok appeared in Episode 7 and Episode 8 as the middle school version of Son’s character, Jang Nan Gam. Boasting the uncanniest resemblance to Son, Kang sparked quite a bit of confusion among viewers.

#AKillerParadox #Ep7 Jee Seok took on the role of “Young Nan Gam” as the middle school version of actor Son Suk Ku’s character.

— @Jeeseok_fm/Instagram

Another child actor, Jang Ji An, appeared as the youngest version of Son’s character and received even more attention for being Son’s literal clone!

Actor Jang Ji An as the young Jang Nan Gam. | Netflix

As the lookalikes gained more attention, Son’s fans circulated actual childhood photos of the actor…

Son Suk Ku’s childhood photo. | theqoo

…pointing out once again how much resemblance the three of them share!

| theqoo
  • “The child actors look AI-made because of how close the resemblances are.”
  • Daebak! Haha.”
  • “Are we sure Son Suk Ku didn’t birth them? LMAO.”
  • “It’s like Son Suk Ku from the past traveled time.”
  • “Whoa… The three of them look so much alike.”
  • “Wow, the resemblance is uncanny!”
  • “HUH?!”
  • “I would not be surprised if the three of them were related and hang out over the holidays. LOL.”
  • “Wow. I gasped out loud.”
  • “So the younger versions were not CGI…?”
  • “Wow, haha.”
  • “WTF?! They look exactly the same! Like, I’ve seen so many cases when the child actor looks like the grown-up actor, but when they act in a scene together, the resemblance fizzles. But this…?! This is real.”
  • “Even if the two child actors didn’t have any acting experiences, I’m sure the director would’ve made the casting happen. Because the resemblance is uncanny AF. Haha.”
  • “Wow. LMAO.”
  • “I see the resemblance for sure. Haha.”
  • “Whoa, what is going on?! They look the same!”

A Killer Paradox premiered on February 9, 2024. Read more about the thriller:

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Source: theqoo

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