Netizens React to 2NE1 Disbandment & Taehyun Leaving WINNER

On November 25th 2016 KST, YG broke the news of 2NE1‘s official disbandment and member Nam Tae Hyun‘s departure from WINNER and YG

The news quickly began to trend on all the major news portal sites in Korea. Koreaboo has gathered some of the most popular netizens comments for your curiosity.

Naver and Nate are both South Korea’s top portal sites for delivering news articles. The two websites shared the same article from OSEN but the reactions showed a stark contrast.

Comments on Naver seemed to express regret at the news of Nam Tae Hyun’s departure. However, comments on Nate seemed eager to attack Park Bom.

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Below you will find the top 4 comments left on the two most frequented portal sites of Korea.

Comments left on Naver:
[+ 5582, – 60] ???????????
[+ 4962, – 272] 2ne1 was expected but Nam Tae Hyun….
[+ 3464, – 67] YG is hot issue these days…
[+ 2835, – 66] Heol…leaving…

Comments left on Nate: 
[+ 570, – 15] One druggie ruins a perfectly talented group Sigh….
[+ 495, – 42] Looks like YG is ditching Park Bom now that things are getting kind of heated with people connecting them to Choi Soon Sil. They held on to GD and BIGBANG even when they made a mess ㅋㅋㅋ Park Bom needs to be taken to court for punishment.
[+ 417, – 18] This isn’t even surprising
[+55, – 2] Kang Yong Seok (A Korean lawyer that makes frequent TV appearances): The Park Bom drug incident is something that even the director of prosecutions wouldn’t be able to cover up.

Source: OSEN