Netizens Raise Anger After A Fan Throws An Item At A Third Generation Idol Who Was Greeting Fans From The Car

It was after a concert to celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary!

Although K-Pop idols seem as if they’re worlds away from fans, artists always find ways to interact with fans, whether it’s through live broadcasts, concerts, or special events.

BLACKPINK are not related to the article but met with fans during a fansign | YG Entertainment
BTS is not related to the article but has always found ways to meet fans

It seems like there are more ways than ever to interact with idols, and with pandemic restrictions easing, concerts are the best way to try and catch a glimpse of your favorite idols.

Yet, one group recently gained attention after a fan’s rude behavior towards the members after a concert, and it’s none other than EXID.

The members of EXID on Naver Now | @kr_now/Twitter

EXID first debuted back in 2012, and although they initially didn’t seem to be getting the attention they deserved, the group went viral when they released the track “Up & Down.” Even in 2022, idols and fans are still raving about the song and the iconic choreography that has become so famous.

The music video for “Up & Down” | EXID_Official/YouTube

During the past few years, the group hasn’t been active, with all the members doing their own activities. Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced in September that they would be making a comeback for their 10th anniversary.

On October 29, the group started to get fans even more excited when they held their FAN-CON <EXID X LEGGO>. As expected, everyone attending the show had an amazing time. Yet, it was a moment after the concert that went viral… but not for the right reasons.

In a video that has been watched nearly three million times on TikTok, the members of EXID proved how much they loved their fans by rolling down their car windows and speaking directly with them.

Youngest member Jeonghwa was in the back of a car, with what appeared to be Solji in the front. As the car came by, netizens were shocked when a fan suddenly threw something into the car at Solji.

After the item was thrown, although Solji’s reaction at the front (where the item was thrown) couldn’t be seen, Jeonghwa looked shocked as she realized what had happened.

It wasn’t surprising that the driver quickly took action by rolling up the windows and driving off.

When the video was shared, even non-fan netizens couldn’t believe the behavior of the alleged fan. While some pointed out how scary it would’ve been for the members inside the car, others expressed that it is incidents like this that make companies less willing to allow idols to interact with fans.

Idols are still human and should be treated with the same respect wherever they go. EXID were not obliged to interact with fans after the show, but they chose to do it but were met with one “fan” who ruined it for the others.

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