Netizens Blast Rotta Calling Him A “Pedophile”, Rotta Finally Responds

After a model accused him of sexual harassment, Rotta responded but netizens are even more furious at his statement.

As netizens spew hate towards Rotta accused of sexually harassing a model he worked with, he has come out with his statement, and it’s not making things any better. Rotta responded to the girl’s accusations, saying she didn’t raise an issue during the photoshoot.

“I asked for her consent during the filming. She didn’t say there was a problem at the time.”

— Rotta

Netizens are disgusted with Rotta’s reasoning and making the model seem like the victim.

  • “This is the typical response sexual offenders give… ‘Didn’t you like it?’, ‘Why didn’t you say anything back then? Why are you saying it now?’ It’s the best way to make the victim look like the con artist.”

  • “Rotta is really disgusting. He tried to do whatever he wanted, using her nude photos against her… He’s terrible.”

  • “Wow… it (#MeToo) is all coming out all fields [of the industry]!!”

  • “Rotta is a virus of a person.”

Rotta is known for using Lolita concepts for his photoshoots. (The image is not of the model who accused Rotta of sexual harassment.)

Rotta joins a growing list of infamous individuals, including actors, musicians, directors, and professors who have admitted to sexually harassing girls in the past following the explosion of the #MeToo movement in Korea.

Source: Dispatch and Sports Donga

#MeToo Movement In Korea

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