Netizens Discover Pre-Debut Footage Of TXT’s Yeonjun

Netizens work fast.

Following the announcement of Yeonjun, the first member of BigHit’s new group Tomorrow X Together (TXT), netizens have been scouring the internet for a glimpse of the young idol as a trainee.

First, some pre-debut pictures of Yeonjun surfaced from his school days, his friends say he was really popular in school!

Fans have also discovered that Yeonjun appeared in a commercial for a ramyeon brand.

Perhaps the young trainee had acting ambitions before being picked up by BigHit?

A glimpse into his talent has also been found as people have discovered footage of him practicing his dancing. He’s really impressive!

Footage has also emerged of him and others performing “Her” by Block B through the footage isn’t very high quality.

People are also speculating whether Yeonjun was a backup dancer for during a performance of “Singularity”.

There’s no way of knowing if this is definitely Yeonjun or not but their eyes are certainly similar so it could be.

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