Netizens Call Out KBS Over Its Treatment Of (G)I-DLE Following “Music Bank In Chile” Cancellation

Fans are trending #KBS_APOLOGIZE_TO_GIDLE.

(G)I-DLE have gone viral for their professionalism amidst extreme weather conditions at the Music Bank in Chile concert, but fans are unhappy with the way KBS managed the situation afterward.

(G)I-DLE | @frafractal/Instagram

Fans in Latin America were initially excited for KBS’ first global Music Bank concert in three years, especially since it boasted a super impressive line-up. TXT, NCT DREAM, ATEEZ, STAYC,THE BOYZ and (G)I-DLE were all set to dazzle Chile with their masterful performances, but only the latter three got to perform.

Due to a sudden thunderstorm and intense hail, the members of all three groups faced multiple difficulties keeping their balance onstage.

THE BOYZ’s Juyeon

The concert was suspended after (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua took a nasty fall in the middle of the group’s performance.

Seeing how heavily it was hailing, it’s surprising that the members did not suffer any more significant injuries.

The concert was shortly canceled, leaving TXT, NCT DREAM and ATEEZ unable to perform. The members of these groups showcased their truly humble personalities as they gained praise for their reactions to the cancelation.

Yet, given how much (G)I-DLE and the other two groups had to weather before KBS made the final call, many fans are of the opinion that the company should not have let them go onstage in such conditions in the first place.

Even non-fans raised concerns about the risky performance.

Fortunately, (G)I-DLE were okay…

(G)I-DLE came down completely drenched.

— Caption on video

…and in fact, staff who worked behind the scenes confirmed that the girls were well taken care of after their stage and that they were the ones who had insisted on going through with the show.

But when KBS apologized to TXT, NCT DREAM and ATEEZ for the fact that they wouldn’t be able to go onstage, netizens expressed frustration over the fact that the company did not acknowledge (G)I-DLE in its apology.

They were even more frustrated when Yuqi posted an apology for the unfortunate events on her Instagram story, with fans claiming that she and her members shouldn’t have to apologize for what happened.

While it’s certainly disheartening to see what (G)I-DLE, STAYC and THE BOYZ had to endure, at the end of the day fans can also be proud of the fact that the members made their own brave (if risky) decisions to go on with the show, even if they do feel that KBS made a mistake in not acknowledging the idols in their apology.

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(G)I-DLE Receives Praise For Their Professionalism After Performing In Extreme Rain And Hail At “Music Bank In Chile”


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