Netizens May Have Figured Out The Significance Of TXT’s Colors

Their concept has become clear.

Ever since the concept of Tomorrow X Together (TXT) was teased by BigHit Entertainment, fans have been trying to figure out the significance of everything that’s been revealed.

Netizens may have cracked a part of the code, specifically the meaning of this picture.

First, we must take a look at a red/yellow/blue color wheel.

You may remember that each member of TXT debuted with a specific color.

Yeonjun and Soobin were yellow themed.

HueningKai and Taehyun were red themed.

and finally, Beomgyu was orange themed.

Many fans will already see the connection here, when you mix yellow and red you create orange. But how does this relate to the eclipse?

Beomgyu is the eclipse between the pair of Soobin and Yeonjun and the pair of HueningKai and Taehyun.

If we look back to their reveal image which says “You and I, Different But Together”, it becomes clear that Beomgyu allows the group to be together despite their differences.

Another great piece of teasing by BigHit Entertainment, fans are now even more excited for TXT’s debut.


TXT's Debut

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