Netizens Can’t Get Over Mnet’s “Boys Planet” Editing As It Appears Bak Do Ha Watched Himself Perform

Was the edit a mishap or intentional?

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Netizens are laughing over Mnet‘s hilarious poor edit on survival show Boys Planet.

In Episode 1, Bak Do Ha performed a cover of 2PM‘s “My House.”

The performance soon went viral, but not just due to his cover. Netizens realized that Bak Do Ha appeared not only on stage performing but also in the audience as if he was watching himself.

If you look in the background, right behind the panelists, Bak Do Ha is sitting, dressed in the same outfit. So, it shows that the reaction shots Mnet uses are not authentic.

The video below has gone viral on TikTok with 686.7K views and 140.5K likes at the time of writing.


♬ Spin Back X Collide Mashup – Kuya Magik

The only thing funnier about the editing mishap is the netizens’ creative comments. Some have joked about reasons he was suddenly in the audience, such as wanting to take a break, evaluate himself, etc.

| @jaehyuksfavoritehoe/TikTok

Others are calling out the editors’ poor editing, and some are even suggesting that the editors are doing it intentionally to “expose Mnet.”


Viewers have been noticing all sorts of interesting details during Boys Planet, but the “evil editing” has remained a hot topic. Read more below.

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