Netizens Praise Sunmi For Recent Appearance + Professional Attitude Despite The Pouring Rain

She was showered with praise…and then the rain!

On October 2, Sunmi was part of the performance line-up at the Chung-Ang University Festival. She performed her hit songs, “LALALAY”, “Siren”, “Heroine” and “Gashina” and while her performances were stunning enough, fans were struck anew with her upgraded visuals during the performance!



Netizens showered Sunmi with praise for her noticeable weight-gain at the festival, complimenting her on her healthier body and saying that she looks better and stronger than ever. Sunmi’s weight-gain has been a hot topic ever since she showed up at an event in April, but fans agree; Sunmi looks good no matter what she does!

Netizens also remarked how she showcased true professionalism despite the pouring rain, delivering flawless performance upon flawless performance. Even though she was cold and had trouble seeing in the rain, she completed each set with dedication and her signature Sunmi-style! Fans went crazy after seeing this performance; Sunmi looked incredibly sexy with her fuller curves and sharp moves, all drenched in the rain!


See what netizens had to say below:

She looks prettier with more weight on her, and it makes her look sexier drenched in the rain like that… what a professional!


You can really see that she did gain weight ㅎㅎ she’s pretty either way, I’m jealous ㅎㅎ



So she did gain weight. So much suffering in the rain, this shows that she is a professional indeed.


Watch her entire performance set here: