Sunmi Shocks Fans At Recent Event After Gaining 18 lbs

Netizens had a lot to say about her weight gain.

Sunmi recently stepped out for a special event for Louis Vuitton where she posed in front of a photo wall for all the press to take in her beauty!


Dressed in a colorful dress and eccentric accessories, Sunmi looked as beautiful as ever!


But the press and fans noticed something different about her latest look…


News reports claimed that Sunmi gained about 8kg (~18lbs)!


Many noticed how Sunmi’s signature “crane legs” looked a bit fuller and healthier!


They also commented about how her thin face looked more glowing after gaining a bit of weight!


Sunmi has always been known for her slim figure, where she confessed that her skinny weight concerned her as well.


But she purposefully gained over 15 pounds for her world tour!


And netizens were in awe of her “healthier” look as they complimented her new beauty!


Queen Sunmi looks beautiful no matter what weight she is as long as she’s happy and healthy!

Source: TV Daily