Korean Netizens Lament The Uselessness Of Social Distancing Measures On Broadcasts In Preventing Coronavirus’ Spread

Do they really work?

Long-running music show, Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook faced an emergency situation as it was revealed EVERGLOW had guested on the show recently. Two members from the group have been confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus. However, netizens have noticed that what was interesting was that all guests on the show are protected with partitions as can be seen in the photo below.

| pann

Although it cannot be confirmed that the virus was contracted on either groups’ end on this day itself, netizens are questioning just how useful this is, or if it is simply an act put on for broadcast. Groups still gather amongst each other and with hosts to take photographs behind the scenes.

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While no one could have predicted the spread of the virus in the entertainment industry, netizens are lamenting the futility of the partitions and the “measures” taken by the industry.

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  • “Don’t mind that these partitions are basically used to shut up those who oppose due to the coronavirus… but in real life this is also something useless.”
  • “But it’s kinda funny that broadcasts are doing social distancing for the show of it.”
  • “I hope it goes to the popular posts section so people get a reality check.”

Not only the industry, but all of South Korea is currently under panic as numbers for cases rise to the 500s again during this third wave.

Source: pann
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