Netizens Call Out LE SSERAFIM’s Stylist For Their Red Carpet Styling At “2023 MAMA Awards”

Netizens weren’t fans of the styling.

LE SSERAFIM recently performed at the 2023 MAMA Awards. They graced fans with their angelic visuals in white on the red carpet. Their legs were red from the cold, but it didn’t stop them from slaying.

Left to right: Yunjin, Chaewon, Kazuha, Sakura, Eunchae.

Although their hair and makeup were perfectly on point, their outfits left a more to desire. Although Chaewon‘s outfit was the most well-received out of the group, fans were concerned about the incredibly short length. Her safety shorts were visible underneath the tight A-line cut.

The neckline of Sakura‘s dress looked like it had been taken in hastily, causing it to lift at the top. The thin camisole and short length did not look appropriate for the freezing winter. Her hair was a major win for fans though, as it made her look even more goddess-like than usual.

Yunjin‘s fiery red hair stood out immediately. The semi-smokey makeup was balanced with a girly pink shade for her blush and lipstick. A ten out of ten, if we must say.

The gathered front and unbalanced hem was a fun twist, but netizens were divided on it. What struck them more was her shoes, which reminded them of slippers.

Close-up of Yunjin’s slippers. | MHN Sports

Eunchae looked like a doll in a babydoll dress and bun. The white ribbons were a lovey and adorable addition to the plain outfit.

Kazuha‘s styling was the most well-received. The white cocktail dress was perfect for the red carpet.

Netizens criticized the stylist while complimenting the girls on their beauty.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Their outfits look like they stopped halfway through making them. The kids are pretty.
  • Yunjin…
  • No, but what’s up with Yunjin’s shoes? I thought they were slippers. Their hair and makeup are super pretty though.
  • Nooooo, they should’ve given the kids prettier outfits.
  • I love you guys. A group of super beauties.
  • So pretty. Except for Yunjin’s shoes that look like slippers. They should’ve made Chaewon’s skirt longer too. They’re too much.
  • Sakura’s hair is pretty and unique.
  • F*cking pretty.
  • A group of super beauties. Crazy.

No matter what clothes you put them in, their visuals can’t help but shine!

Source: theqoo