Netizens Suspect Jeon Somi Was Kissed By Aespa’s Giselle Making Everyone Jealous

They’re never beating the allegations.

Jeon Somi is a multitalented K-Pop soloist known for being a social butterfly, even amongst other celebrities. Her friends range from second-generation idols like BIGBANG‘s Taeyang to girl groups like TWICE and even boy groups from other companies like Stray Kids!

BIGBANG’s Taeyang (left) and Jeon Somi (right) | @__youngbae__/Instagram

Perhaps one of Somi’s most iconic friendships is her relationship with aespa‘s Giselle. The two have gone viral in the past for being best friend goals, and Somi has even gone on the record to say Giselle is her soulmate!

aespa’s Giselle (left) and Jeon Somi (right) | @somsomi0309/Instagram

The duo went viral again recently after Somi posted some adorable pictures of herself on Instagram covered in lipstick. Her caption read, “💖💔💖 Who kissed me ¿,” sparking some joking claims from her fans in the comments section that they left the marks.

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

Things got out of hand when Somi left a hint as to who was the real culprit behind the kisses in a series of separate messages sent to fans. She gave a single clue, “G….

| @aespanim/Twitter

Oh, lipstick marks? I wonder who it is. Try to guess. G….

– Translation of Somi’s messages

Netizens immediately assumed she was talking about aespa’s Giselle! This revelation made fans ship the pair harder than ever and theorize how the incident went down.

It was hard for netizens to decide whose position they wanted to be in more, Somi’s or Giselle’s.

Fans will look forward to more interactions between these two best friends in the future!

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