Netizens Notice An Uncanny Similarity Between Actress Kim Yoo Jung And NewJeans’ Danielle, And Kim Yoo Jung Weighs In With How She Feels About The Comparison

Kim Yoo Jung is too relatable.

Netizens believe actress Kim Yoo Jung has a twin, and it’s none other than NewJeansDanielle. Weighing in with her take, Kim Yoo Jung recently expressed her feelings on the comparison.

Kim Yoo Jung | @you_r_love/Instagram
NewJeans’ Danielle | @newjeans_official/Instagram

The actress has always been known for her gorgeous and fresh visuals.

Similarly, rookie girl group NewJeans are making a name for themselves with their youthful vibes and fresh concept.

NewJeans’ “Attention” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

Perhaps because of this, it didn’t take long for netizens to notice a similarity between Kim Yoo Jung and Danielle.

| @you_r_love/Instagram/Instagram
| @newjeans_official/Instagram

People commented on it so much that Kim Yoo Jung was asked about it at a recent press conference, where she confessed she’s a huge NewJeans fan.

I’ve become NewJeans’ fan since their debut. I absolutely loved them ever since they came out! I’m a huge fan of each one of the members.

— Kim Yoo Jung

When asked about her similarity with Danielle, she had to admit there was something to it.

I think I see what they mean by that. We have the same kind of vibe. But with a different style, she does look a little different from me.

Kim Yoo Jung

She then got real about her feelings on the comparison…and her inner fangirl came out!

| @you_r_love/Instagram/Instagram
| @newjeans_official/Instagram

I felt really happy, because people were saying that I looked like a pretty girl who’s popular right now.

— Kim Yoo Jung

The similarities between the two are undeniable; enough to make one think they could play sisters. It makes it all the more exciting to know that Kim Yoo Jung is a fan of Danielle, so hopefully, they will one day meet!

Source: SBS News