Realistic Winter Outfits — NewJeans Bundle Up For The Cold At The Airport

Function over fashion.

South Korea is heading into a cold snap as autumn comes to an end. On November 10, 2023, the girls of NewJeans headed to the airport. Unlike the usual stars who go for fashion over function, NewJeans dressed for the cold.

They looked realistic and warm, but also trendy.

Hyein gave off model vibes with a spiky bun and semi-smoky makeup.

She wore a navy parka over a blue sweater. Her stonewashed bag pulled the outfit together.

Haerin swept her hair into a sleek braid to combat the puffy bulk of her jacket.

She paired the varsity bomber with lace bottoms.

Danielle kept warm with a fur-lined leather jacket. She managed to avoid the bulk of down padded jackets by going for this sleek look.

Her denim pants had a unique print on it, adding some fun to the outfit.

Hanni looked as cute as ever in a pink down jacket.

She paired it with hand warmers and a pleated skirt.

Minji wore an outdoorsy jacket over a sweatshirt and matching blue pants.

Her gorgeous features definitely did the heavy lifting here! We love how she paired the casual look with silver earrings.

Netizens loved seeing the girls look bright and cheerful.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • It’s so cute how they’re puffy because it’s the morning.
  • I can never tell the first and fourth babies apart when I see them both. Just feels like I keep seeing pretty kids come out.
  • Hanni is so round. It’s cute.
  • How are they all so pretty?
  • They’re all babies.
  • Pham Hanni is really round. She’s such a baby.
  • JjangJeans are the best.

It’s not every day that stars dress appropriately to combat the weather! We love seeing how down-to-earth these girls are.

Source: Theqoo