Netizens Think NewJeans’ Danielle Looks Like A Total Princess In Recent Photos

She belongs in a Disney film!

On June 11, NewJeans performed along with many other K-Pop artists such as TXTBTOBENHYPEN, and others at the 2023 Weverse Con Festival in Seoul.

The group performed some of their biggest hits like “OMG” and “Hype Boy”, and looked absolutely adorable and like they were having a blast while doing so!

Photos of Danielle from the event have been circulating online, getting a lot of positive attention from netizens because of just how cute and princess-like she appeared at the concert.

Danielle (NewJeans)

With her mostly-pink outfit, long, silky hair, and beaming smile, the NewJeans member definitely looked like she could fit perfectly well into a Disney movie.

This sort of styling just suits her so well!

Pictures of her from the event were shared on a post on an online forum, where fans complimented her visuals in the comments section.

We’re glad that it seems Danielle had such a good time at this concert along with the rest of NewJeans’ members!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa