Netizens Debate Which Is More Iconic Of NewJeans’ Haerin — “Shy Shy Shy” Or “Omona”

It’s hard to pick!

TWICE Sana‘s “Shy Shy Shy” and Wonder Girls Sohee‘s “Omona” are two of the most iconic poses and lines in K-Pop.

Shy Shy Shy” went viral for its unintended cuteness. The line was originally meant to be “Shy Shy Shy,” but Sana’s pronunciation turned it into the uber-cute “Sha Sha Sha.”

On the other hand, Sohee’s “Omona” practically had its own cult following back in the peak days of the song.

In the 4th generation, NewJeansHaerin makes waves for her perfect renditions of both poses. What makes her versions so great is that she doesn’t intentionally try to emulate her sunbaes, like most cover dances do. She went viral once for her version of “Shy Shy Shy” at the 2022 KBS Song Festival.

She shone again during the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejun, covering “Tell Me.”

Netizens debated as to which one they felt was more iconic.

It seems like “Omona” won out by a little.

| theqoo
  • “What’s up with this God-baby?? Omona Omona.”
  • “Sha Sha Sha”
  • “Omona omona omona omona omonaaaaa”
  • “Omona”
  • “Omo I’m Sha Sha Sha”
  • “Omona”

Haerin’s unique, calm aura gave a different twist to both poses. Both are equally epic in our eyes!

Source: theqoo