NewJeans’ Hyein Goes Viral For Revealing Haerin’s Bare Face To The Public By Accidentally Hitting Her

Accidentally viral.

NewJeans definitely don’t shy away when it comes to their bare faces. The girls often show up on live streams without dressing up. Member Haerin has shown her no-makeup face proudly on camera before. As the girls are still young, they look barely different even without the help of professionals.

Haerin on live stream without makeup. | GIFY

The girls recently departed South Korea for their overseas schedules. Haerin looked gorgeous leaving the country with long waves and a green Supreme hoodie. Her makeup was done to perfection.

With rosy cheeks and thick brows, her catlike features truly stood out.

On their way back into the country, Haerin took a more relaxed approach. Although she was similarly dressed in a hoodie and crossbody DIOR bag, she went makeup free.

Haerin opted for a pair of sunglasses instead to shield herself from the press.

Her long hair was swept up with a claw clip.

As the girls waved to fans and media while exiting the airport, a small mishap occured. Hyein, who was next to Haerin, accidentally hit the latter’s sunglasses. The hit caused the sunglasses to shift upwards, inevitably revealing Haerin’s bare face.

| Instiz

In a split second, Haerin’s calm and composed expression was revealed to all. Without makeup, her brows and eyes were definitely more tired-looking and less defined. Who can blame the girl, given NewJeans’ hectic schedule?

| Instiz

The video of the accident went viral with over 1.3 million views on Twitter. Fans found the incident incredibly funny and down-to-earth.

The maknaez always brings laughter to everyone!

MemeJeans, maybe?

Looks like HYBE artists can never get a break with sunglasses, can they? Their sunbae, BTS‘s RM also went viral for struggling with sunglasses previously.

Source: Instiz