NMIXX Members Earn High Praise For Handling A Technical Malfunction Like Professionals

Who needs the AR when it doesn’t even work?!

In the latest live broadcast, NMIXX members dealt with a technical malfunction with the grace of true professionals, and K-Pop fans can’t praise them enough!

NMIXX | @kanggo56/Twitter

While performing “Love Me Like This,” the audio kept falling out of sync—making it difficult for the members to sing on beat. After attempting to make it work for a while…

…the members eventually decided to ditch the AR completely!

Now that we’re done with the dry rehearsal and the camera rehearsal…!


Referring to the previous performance as “rehearsals,” the members sang “Love Me Like This” all over again, 100% live with no music.

Even without the AR, NMIXX members “ate” the performance with great vocal skills and confidence even greater!

| theqoo
  • “They’re so good. I love how confident the members look when singing. It’s great to see.”
  • “NMIXX is the best.”
  • “Wow, they’re all talented.
  • “I feel like this group is well on their way to making it big. They just need the right song.”
  • “They make it so entertaining to watch.”
  • “They’re so good at singing live.”
  • “There’s something about Sullyoon… Like she doesn’t look like she’d be the best at singing. But she’s so good. It’s incredible.”
  • “I love how no one in NMIXX sings in a soft voice. They’re all so prominent and confident.”
  • “Lily’s high notes at the end are out of this world. They’re all so good.”
  • “I love Jiwoo’s voice…”
  • “From TWICE to ITZY and now NMIXX… JYPE’s girl groups are impressive.”
  • “Whoa, they frickin’ ate that. Damn.”
  • “Ah, yes… It’s the most satisfying thing when idols know how to sing. They’re f*cking amazing!”
  • “HA! This is crazy…”
  • “I can’t wait for NMIXX to become even bigger. Idols are singers, too. They need to be good at singing!”

This is not the first time NMIXX got praise for their sheer talent. Read more about what NMIXX fans think about the rookie girl group’s “impressive live vocals.”

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Source: theqoo


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