An NMIXX Fan Is Going Viral For Their Sign Referencing Jinni’s Departure From The Group At The 2022 Asia Artist Awards

It’s been less than a week since the announcement.

On December 9, netizens worldwide were shocked when JYP Entertainment revealed that Jinni would be leaving NMIXX due to personal reasons.

NMIXX’s Jinni | @NMIXX_official/Instagram

Although it has been tough for fans, it was made even harder when netizens noticed that JYP Entertainment had removed all of Jinni’s pictures from the group’s Instagram page, almost halving the number of posts.

NMIXX’s Instagram before the posts were deleted | theqoo
NMIXX’s Instagram after Jinni’s photos were deleted | theqoo

Yet, before that, one NMIXX fan went viral after their appearance at the recent 2022 Asia Artist Awards.

NMIXX at the AAAs | StarNews

NMIXX continued their schedules by attending the award show and also performing.

Despite being without Jinni, the members all stepped up and put on an amazing show for fans. Of course, it seemed very different without Jinni, but the members ensured they treated fans to some amazing performances.

Along with their performances, NMIXX actually won an award during the event. During their acceptance speech for “AAA Emotive Award” and while Sullyoon was giving her speech…

The camera suddenly panned to the crowd of NMIXX fans. At that moment, a fan with a lightstick turned a notebook to reveal the words “NMIXX Will Always Be 7.”

Many netizens also noticed that the fan was wearing the same merch that Jinni had worn in the past.

Jinni wearing the same top as the fan at the 2022 AAAs | JYP Entertainment

When the video was posted, fans worldwide couldn’t get over the fan’s actions, praising him for sharing his support for the entire group amidst the shocking departure of Jinni. Even those who weren’t NMIXX fans found themselves being emotional at seeing the sign.

Although there is nothing that can be done now Jinni has left, fans are still left with more questions than answers. It has been less than a week since Jinni left, and it is still tough seeing the group without Jinni. It isn’t surprising that fans are still upset.

The fan at the AAAs would have had the same emotions as many fans, but he was confident enough to share his feelings.

Source: @niziumemes


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