NMIXX Once Again Proves Their Vocal Prowess When An Audio Malfunction Leads Them To Basically Singing A Cappella

They’re definitely eating CDs for breakfast!

From singing live during dance practices to putting on stellar encore performances after wins on music shows, rookie K-Pop girl group NMIXX has already made a name for themselves with their vocal talents.

In an era where many groups are (fairly or unfairly) being more heavily criticized for lip syncing during performances, NMIXX has no shortage of evidence that their members can sing well live, and now, yet another video has been released that proves it once again!

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

The video clip has been drawing attention online thanks to just how well the members sang despite an audio malfunction. While they were supposed to sing their latest title track, “Love Me Like This”, with backing vocals and an instrumental background, they ended up going basically a cappella instead when the music didn’t work.

Screenshot from the video

NMIXX’s members seem to be enjoying themselves rather than stressed out or concerned about not singing well, showing their confidence in their own abilities! You can watch the clip here:

Comments on the clip on YouTube are overall extremely positive, with plenty of compliments about the girls’ seemingly effortless vocal abilities despite the unexpected situation.

NMIXX really seems to be setting the standard for live vocals in K-Pop once again with these kinds of impressive performances!


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