Fansign Video Captures NMIXX’s Sullyoon Breaking Down In Tears: Fan Apologizes For Making The Idol Cry

Following intense online backlash, the fan tweeted an explanation, apologizing to the idol.

During NMIXX‘s fansign (fanmeeting) event, which took place on April 21, member Sullyoon was seen bursting into tears while interacting with a fan. Then, when Twitter user @chikoria_ shared a video of what led up to Sullyoon’s emotional reaction, NMIXX fans grew furious over the mistreatment of the idol.

NMIXX members holding the April 21 fansign event. | @chikoria_/Twitter

In the video, Sullyoon can be seen interacting with a male fan. According to @chikoria_, the male fan (a fansite master, to be exact) is alleged to have asked Sullyoon to “explain why she didn’t look into his camera.” 

NMIXX’s Sullyoon at the April 21 fansign event. | @chikoria_/Twitter 

While the conversation isn’t audible in the video, @chikoria_ insisted that it “was audible from the front row” where @chikoria_ had been sitting.

This isn’t a rumor. I was there on the day of, sitting in the front row. I saw everything and heard everything.

— @chikoria_/Twitter

The video continues to show the male fan moving on to the next member and Sullyoon looking emotionally overwhelmed.

| @chikoria_/Twitter

The idol greets another fan, tries to smile, and carries on with a positive attitude…

| @chikoria_/Twitter

…except she ends up bursting into tears.

| @chikoria_/Twitter

Releasing the video, @chikoria_ tweeted some fierce criticism at the male fan—for causing the idol to be upset and for ruining the experience for other NMIXX fans who attended the event.

Because of the unfortunate things that have happened, we the fans have been  trying to keep things lighthearted by saying positive things only. So who are you to make her explain herself like this, hold back the tears, and end up breaking down in front of another fan? Why did you make her cry? You’ve ruined it for so many people.

— @chikoria_/Twitter

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral on Twitter. The male fan involved stepped up and tried to clear the water…

…though, @chikoria_ remained aggressive toward the male fan across multiple tweets asking him to explain himself better.

I didn’t bring this up because you’re a foreigner. What are you even talking about?

I saw you at today’s event again and you were holding up an iPad saying sorry. If I’m making up rumors about you, what are you sorry about? I wasn’t going to talk about this because of Sullyoon, but when I saw you… I couldn’t hold back. If this is indeed me making up rumors about you, then tell me what you said to Sullyoon. Why did you tell her you’re sorry?

— @chikoria_/Twitter

Eventually, he ended up posting an apology for making Sullyoon cry. Here’s an unedited version of the male fan’s tweet:

First of all, I am deeply sorry to Sullyoon for what happened. That’s what happened. Since nmixx every comeback, I have worked hard to participate in every schedule. I want to show Sullyoon’s beautiful side to everyone. While working hard on the schedule, I also hope to get more attention from Sullyoon. So on the 21st, when I saw that she hadn’t found my camera, the physical and mental exhaustion of chasing the schedule made me feel very sad, so I couldn’t help telling her that I was tired recently ’저를 안 봤어요’ words. Sullyoon replied that because there were a lot of fans present, she needed to watch one by one. She said that she might have ignored me sometimes, and expressed her apology. Then I realized that I had imposed my bad feelings on Sullyoon. While I was tired chasing the itinerary, Sullyoon, who did not consider completing the itinerary, was also tired. I reflected deeply on this point. After the fansign on the 21st, I also apologized to Sullyoon and reflected on it in the following schedule, and I did not want any misunderstanding with Sullyoon. Once again, I am sorry for bringing negative emotions and bad influence to Sullyoon. Please believe that I have always sincerely loved Sullyoon loves nmixx, this is all I can explain, I am really sorry for the big impact.

— Male Fan In Video

Facing extreme backlash, the male fan turned his account private without engaging further. Meanwhile, both NMIXX and non-NMIXX fans expressed concern for the well-being of the idol.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @MBC_entertain/Twitter

Some questioned the lack of immediate action taken from the managers on site, and others demanded that the management to blacklist the male fan for harassing Sullyoon.

| theqoo
  • Sigh. She’s a minor. What is he even doing to her?”
  • “What the hell is his problem? This makes me so mad.”
  • “WTF…? Don’t make her cry?! F*ck! T_T”
  • “Ha…!”
  • “People like this should be banned from attending ever again. What even is going on here?”
  • “Fansite or not, DO NOT MAKE HER CRY. So what if he’s her fansite? What did he tell her that made her so emotional? I guess the next fan tried to make her feel better and she couldn’t control it.”
  • “So what if he’s a fansite? The audacity…”
  • “What the f*ck?”
  • “I feel so bad for idols who have to put up with hearing stupid criticism like this being told to their faces. He better be blacklisted. It’s ridiculous how some of these fansites have become so entitled.”
  • “GET HIM ON THE BLACKLIST… F*ck. Sullyoon, you did NOTHING wrong. Please don’t cry.”
  • “What the f*ck, though? It’s not like she owes him anything. Learn how to take pictures. Being a fansite doesn’t entitle you to anything.”
  • “Ugh, this makes my blood boil. What’s his problem?!”
  • “Him being a fansite master doesn’t mean anything, though. He must think he’s so special, LMAO. You’re one of her many fans. Get over yourself.”
Source: theqoo


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