NMIXX’s Sullyoon Went From 0 to 100 For A Photo, And It Was A Sight To Behold

The change was instant!

When NMIXX‘s Sullyoon puts her mind to it, she could pose at any given time for the camera—without even planning what to do!

Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

This talent of hers made its appearance in a recent behind the scenes video posted by YouTube channel Studio Choom. The camera followed the members in between takes for their songs “O.O” and “Tank.”

Aside from monitoring their performances and holding mini interviews, they also grabbed the opportunity to take pictures. The girls received a camera and took turns being a photographer.

Sullyoon imitated a bunny for her first pose. She put her hands above her head and smiled as her members made shadow puppets to enhance the picture.

Later on, the members took another round of photos. Sullyoon asked what pose she should do next, and Bae suggested that she pose prettily this time since she already did a cute one.

You did a rabbit. Let’s just show your beauty.

— Bae

Sullyoon smiled shyly when Bae complimented her visuals…

…but in an instant, her expression turned serious and she came up with a chic pose, placing a hand under her chin! It helped that the lighting suddenly turned red.

Everyone watching her went “Ooh~” and she ran to the back in embarrassment.

It definitely wasn’t a one-off event because she was able to do it a second time.

Sullyoon’s reaction was adorable! Even as viewers, her immediate change from non-serious to serious was a sight to behold. It’s true that her beauty is no joke.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

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Source: YouTube