Where Is She Now? Song Jia From “Singles Inferno” Takes A New Step In Her Career

Where will she go next?

Song Jia, also known by her professional alias Freezia, rose to popularity during the first season of Single’s Inferno in 2021. Since then, life has been, quite literally, a roller-coaster ride for the social media star.

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Song was already a popular influencer before appearing on the reality show. She had several viral videos on YouTube and even revealed that she received offers to become a K-Pop idolSIngle’s Inferno only seemed to add to her rising popularity when an unexpected controversy turned everything over. The issue was around the claims that the products and clothes Song owned and showed off in her YouTube videos were imitation luxury goods and not real.

Though to many, the problem didn’t seem too serious, it actually had severe repercussions on Song’s career as an influencer. She stopped posting on YouTube and went off-grid from all social media platforms for months. During that time, she, along with actress Kang Ye Won, reportedly spent a lot of time helping out in a soup kitchen run by The Catholic Love And Peace House. 

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As the controversy died down, she eventually returned to social media. She surprised fans with her extravagant new home, her cute new puppy, and new YouTube content as well. But according to the recent update of her career, it looks like things are just going to get bigger and better for Song hereafter. According to an announcement on May 10 by HLL and Sublime Artist Agency, Song has signed an exclusive contract with them for the “new start” of her professional journey.

HLL is a top publisher of popular fashion magazines, including ELLE, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. Sublime Artist is a management agency under HLL that represents celebrities from various fields, including musicians, models, actors, and influencers. As a talent under this agency, Song will be joining the likes of veteran actor Song Kang HoSNSD‘s Tiffany YoungGOT7‘s Jackson and Youngjae, and model Han Hyun Min.

Song Kang Ho
Han Hyun Min
Source: Donga Ilbo
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