The Infamous “Nth Room Sex Abuse Scandal” Will Be Made Into a Movie

The film is called “Devil Room.”

The infamous “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case”, which involved young men creating Telegram chatrooms where they produced and circulated videos of sexual assault and torture of underage girls, will officially be made into a movie.

The film production company, Blue Production announced that the film, Devil Room will begin filming in the latter half of this year.

Devil Room will depict the story of finding revenge against crimes relating to digital “sextortion” and sexual crimes against underage minors.

The film will be directed by Noh Hong Shik, and not only will the film reenact the real-life incidents, but it will also depict the seriousness of the evolving crimes committed by teenagers.

Director Noh Hong Shik expressed that what made him want to create this film was the fact that no one has stepped up to solve the growing number of crimes committed by teens.

Since over 10 years ago, crimes and evil deeds have been spreading from underage minors, but no one has stepped up to resolve that.

– Noh Hong Shik

The film, Devil Room is currently in their casting process.

Source: Insight

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case