The Oddest Thing That Happened To NewJeans’ Minji In A Convenience Store After Debuting As A K-Pop Star

True Bunnies would know!

NewJeans member Minji recently shared her most odd and memorable moment after debuting as a K-Pop idol one year ago.


On July 24, NewJeans brightened up singer IU‘s set on her show IU’s Palette, where they showcased their charming personalities through the interview and their unique and talented voices through their live performances.

After IU realized that she debuted the same year the youngest member, Hyein, was born—in 2008—they spent time getting to know one another. IU mentioned how her heart fluttered because she was so excited to meet NewJeans. The feeling was reciprocated by the adorable NewJeans members who met their sunbae, whose songs they listened to growing up.

IU Official/YouTube

In a segment called “Color Switch,” a clever name that members Danielle and Minji thought of together, NewJeans and IU sang each other’s songs. After NewJeans performed their rendition of “Celebrity,” IU put her twist on her juniors’ song, “Hurt.”

IU then brought up the fact that NewJeans reached their first debut anniversary. They debuted on July 22, 2022, with the song “Attention.” NewJeans shared how happy they were to have their first fan meeting with Bunnies.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

When asked how their past year was after debuting, Haerin shared that it was a fast yet slow time.

For me, time moved fast but slow at the same time. I felt like I spent a very odd year.

— Haerin

IU Official/YouTube 

IU then asked what was the most interesting or unusual thing that happened after debuting. Minji spoke up and shared a moment that fascinated her.

It happened in the winter. I was wearing a long padded jacket and covered up my whole body except my fingers and went to the convenience store. I asked the employee if they had an item, and they hesitated for a second, then before I left, they quietly held me and said, ‘I’m a Bunnies.’

— Minji

IU Official/YouTube 

Everyone squealed at the cute moment of the loyal Bunny who recognized Minji just by her voice. In response to the fan who said, “I’m a Bunnies,” Minji had an adorable comeback.

I remember wearing a hat and a mask and was covered in the padded jacket—only my fingers and my voice could be heard… It had only been six months since my debut at the time, and I was really surprised so I said, ‘I’m NewJeans!’

— Minji

IU Official/YouTube 

IU was fascinated that a NewJeans fan recognized Minji just by her voice and that a nervous Minji awkwardly confessed that she was NewJeans. She also praised the fan who spoke out bravely as a Bunny and empathized with Minji, as she also faced situations where she met fans that she just wanted to hug and thank.



Source: IU Official/YouTube