It’s Official — SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Picks His Favorite Nickname To Hail From The Internet

Duly noted!

Since debut, SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups has been affectionately addressed a hundred and more nicknames by the cheeky K-Pop fans online — except his actual stage name of S.Coups.

SEVENTEEN Twitter @pledis_17

In the latest episode of YouTube‘s MMTG series, S.Coups shared that among all the things he has been called — like “Helicopter”, “Ratatouille,” and “Absolute”…

It’s like people call him whatever that comes with four syllables.


… his favorite is, in fact, Ratatouille!

MMTC: From these nicknames, which one is your favorite?
S.Coups: Um… Ratatouille!

Ratatouille has been more than accepting of K-Pop fans having a little too much fun with his name…

… but beware, this one is his least favorite:

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Picked His Least Favorite Nickname, Carats Understand

Source: MMTG and THEQOO