Old Photos Of Jessi Looking Soft And Innocent Go Viral In Online Communities

Jessi looked so sweet back then!

Jessi is one of the hottest celebrities in Korea right now due to not only her hit songs but her rising popularity as a variety show character.

Everybody now knows Jessi as a badass rapper with a refreshing personality that’s hard not to love.

SBS “Running Man”

So when old photos of Jessi looking soft and innocent resurfaced, they were bound to go viral.

Online Community

In contrast to her present look, Jessi once flaunted lighter makeup that highlighted her Asian features.

Online Community

And netizens are expressing their love for Jessi’s past look through comments such as “She looks so much prettier with lighter makeup“, “The surprising past of the badass unnie“, and “I love her now, but I also like her innocent past“.

Online Community

As many already know, Jessi is Korean American, and she debuted back in 2005 as Jessica H.O and later made a comeback in 2014 through Lucky J.



Online Community
Online Community

After that, Jessi appeared on Unpretty Rapstar in 2015 where she gained the image of a “badass unnie”, which has stuck to this day.

She is now killing the charts as well as viewership ratings through her hit songs as well as her appearances on variety shows such as MBC‘s Hangout With Yoo and tvN‘s The Sixth Sense.

Which look do you like better?