Olympic Athlete Spills How She Was Completely Fooled By Her “Husband” — Fake Pregnancy Tests Included

She was completely deceived.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Former Olympic athlete Nam Hyun Hee shared how she was completely fooled by Jeon Chung Jo.

In an exclusive report by Woman Chosun, who also broke the news of Nam Hyun Hee and Jeon Chung Jo’s pending marriage, they detailed both of their reactions that occurred late on the night of October 25.

First, they talked with Jeon Chung Jo at his apartment at Lotte Tower’s Signiel apartment. He had lived here with both Nam Hyun Hee and her mother. Upon following Jeon Chung Jo inside his apartment, one bedroom was a complete mess.

[Nam Hyun Hee] left three hours ago.

I wanted to live well with her. But now that it’s like this, I don’t think that will be possible. I have a bad image in many people’s view… so… so… I think the answer is to break up.

— Jeon Chung Jo

Jeon Chung Jo also talked about how things are very difficult for him at the moment and how he’s willing to clarify the suspicions around him.

It’s just so hard. I’m constantly thinking about whether I should just die or not…

— Jeon Chung Jo

However, as Jeon Chung Jo was about to begin clarifying himself, he suddenly began to clean up and said he had sudden business to attend to.

Right after meeting with Jeon Chung Jo, Woman Chosun was able to talk to Nam Hyun Hee for two hours on the phone.

I was completely deceived by Jeon Chung Jo.

— Nam Hyun Hee

Nam Hyun Hee shared how the police and some alleged victims had visited Jeon Chung Jo’s home on the morning of October 25 after Jeon Chung Jo was accused of fraud. That was also when Nam Hyun Hee learned how Jeon Chung Jo defrauded her by using her name in an investment.

She also claimed Jeon Chung Jo had been tampering with her pregnancy tests. She had taken around 10 pregnancy tests. However, Jeon Chung Jo gave her each pregnancy test while it was already unwrapped. The result on each test showed two lines, pregnant. In fact, Nam Hyun Hee was not actually pregnant.

Just three days ago, Nam Hyun Hee and Jeon Chung Jo announced they would be getting married. However, since then, reports about Jeon Chung Jo’s identity have been continuously coming out, with first reports that Jeon Chung Jo is actually a woman and then Dispatch revealing her history as a criminal. Jeon Chung Jo was arrested for stalking around 1 a.m. KST, October 26. He was released at 6:20 a.m. after undergoing investigation.

Olympic Athlete Announced Her Marriage To Her “Husband”… He Got Arrested For Stalking Her Just 3 Days Later

Source: Woman Chosun