“Delulu Relationship With The Members” Friend Of OMEGA X Releases Damning Messages Between Members And Their Former CEO

She demanded for them to confess their love to her.

OMEGA X previously won their lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment after it was revealed they were verbally and physically abused by their former CEO. After they won the lawsuit, they thought that they would be forever free from their agency and CEO Kang Sung Hee.

But when the FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT controversy hit the fan, CEO Kang Sung Hee tried to turn the tables once again by cavalierly referring to OMEGA X as “the second FIFTY FIFTY,” trying to imply that the members had simply been ungrateful and betrayed the company. Angered by the matter, a friend of one of the OMEGA X members turned to the internet. They released screenshots of messages exchanged between CEO Kang and OMEGA X. The screenshots revealed CEO Kang to have treated the members romantically, requesting certain actions of speech from them.

Whenever she was upset, she would contact the members. CEO Kang sent the following message to Jaehan, the leader of the group. Netizens felt that the messages sounded like a jilted ex-girlfriend.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo 
  • The members have to trust the company… That’s how I’ve been working all along.
  • How did we…end up like this?
  • I’ve told the Chairman already,
  • that the group will disband.
  • I heard that you told the Chairman, that he did not want to receive calls and texts from me?
  • I knew it… You’re so f*cking fake.

She also prevented the group from practicing. The timeline of this message is unclear.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  • Don’t come to work tomorrow.
  • Don’t come to practice either. Don’t do anything in the future.
  • If you make them practice, I’ll block your access cards.
  • I’m going to check the log in times on Secom (security system).

Before the lawsuit, CEO Kang had appeared to be on good terms with the members. On the other hand, she made various requests of speech that crossed the line between CEO and employee. The following text is dated March 14, 2022.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  • CEO Kang: Rejecting it because you didn’t tell me you love me!
  • Member: Oh my. I love you to infinity.
  • CEO Kang: It’s too late…
  • Member: Even if I don’t say it, it’s already my default…
  • Member: Have a good meal.
  • CEO Kang: Hehe.

On the same day, she texted the following to another member.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  • CEO Kang: Hmph… So you don’t love me? I’m super mad. Once I get mad, it lasts a long time.
  • Member: CEO, that’s a given. Don’t you know me by now? I’m also mad.
  • CEO Kang: Wow~~~ Look at you playing the reverse card~~~
  • Member: I’m so disappointed… How can you not know how I feel?
  • CEO Kang: I’m not about to get attacked by a reverse card!

To another member, she requested the same. This all took place on March 14, 2022.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  • CEO Kang: Hankyeom, for not saying you love me, you’re out!
  • Hankyeom: I love you, CEO.

The members appear to have played along with CEO Kang, in order to appease her. They said that she would call the members at late hours, drunk. If they did not pick up, she would continue to call them. The following messages were received around 1am.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  • CEO Kang: You’re really asking for a fight.
  • [3 missed calls]
  • [Call lasting 21 minutes 34 seconds]
  • CEO Kang: Let’s stop.
  • CEO Kang: I lost.
  • CEO Kang: You can never meet me again.

Throughout the years, she would repeat the pattern of fighting with them, and then requesting love from them. Here is a series of messages she sent Jaehan. She seemed to have a special attachment to him.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  • Thank you.
  • I was bearing it all by myself.
  • Hwichan… He told me that it would be fine, because I was struggling.
  • Things will all be fine as long as I’m okay.
  • So I’ll try to be fine…
  • I’m so confused as to what is real and what isn’t.
  • Hmm… I also saw what Jaehan was thinking of first.
  • We… Really… Let’s see if I can live for long.
  • I…
  • I want to stop.
  • That’s right.
  • Someone like me…
  • I’m only… Needed for them.
  • I…
  • Let’s stop here.
  • Jaehan too… Jaehan puts his team first, even before me, who’s struggling. That’s why I tried to hold it in…
  • Really… I can feel it all. The sincerity that a human can have.
  • Jaehan…
  • I… I’ll stop here.
  • Jaehan too…
  • He betrayed me today.
  • He’ll know that too.
  • I want to stop now.
  • Never again…really.
  • Let’s not meet even by coincidence.
  • Even if you ever happen to run into me,
  • don’t cry.
  • I’m not someone who lives for fake people.
  • I’ll be able to find my eulogy at this rate…
  • There’s nothing like that.

This seemed to have continued for a long time. Messages from 2021 were also released.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  •  CEO Kang: Our pretty baby, Mommy loves you a lot. I’ll look over you more, and talk with you more. How are you feeling? Wow, you’re so good at drinking.
  • Member: I totally rested up today.
  • CEO Kang: Good job.

Once, she also referred to a meal with Kevin as “a date.

The messages from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  •  Kevin, you even ate with me in case I had to eat alone. I loved our date together, just the two of us. I love you!

After the reveal of these messages, the public is more disgusted with CEO Kang than ever. Read about their initial lawsuit below.

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Source: theqo