MC Park Mi Sun’s YouTube Gets Terrorized After She Criticized Popular Afreeca BJ Chulgoo

She criticized him for his comments.

MC and comedienne Park Mi Sun‘s personal YouTube channel is getting terrorized by the fans of popular AfreecaTV BJ Chulgoo, after she publicly criticized him on her Instagram.

On a previous broadcast, Chulgoo had reacted negatively to a comment that compared his looks as similar to hers or late comedienne Park Ji Sun. Although it was not clarified what the comment had said exactly, Chulgoo had responded “Park Ji Sun? F*ck off” — later correcting himself and claiming he meant Park Mi Sun and not the late Park Ji Sun.

MC Park Mi Sun

Regardless, as it was a negative reaction to looks, Park Mi Sun had responded on Instagram by asking him to consider his words before speaking. In an already deleted post, Park Mi Sun attached a screenshot of his stream and wrote, “Who are you? Before you criticize my looks, look into the mirror then speak. People really do experience all sorts of things while living, huh. If you have a brain, think before speaking.

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Fans of Chulgoo left comments on her YouTube channel.

| 나는박미선/YouTube
  • “CommitsuicideCommitsuicideCommitsuicide…”
  • “Good”
  • “Don’t comedians joke around with each other too and say your face looks like Oh X Mi, Park X Soo or Lee X Jun as well? Not only celebrities but I’ve also heard many regular folks say stuff like that wih regards to looks. I guess there’s many people without brains then.”
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  • “Why aren’t you using a mask?”
  • “I don’t know about the rest but saying he doesn’t have a brain is not it.. For real he could be ill or something so even if you didn’t mean it, wouldn’t it be considered a mistake then? He too just made a mistake. Even if you let it go, he was already being cursed out so why do you have to blow things up…”
  • “Nuna find strength ^^”
  • “I can totally see through you. You blew something tiny up for noise marketing. Sigh, f*ck”
  • “Mad cow disease”
  • “Are you allowed to not use a mask during these times?”


Park Mi Sun has not spoken up any further regarding the issue.