Park Yoo Hwan Reveals More Updates About Park Yoochun’s Current Health And Mentality

This is what Park Yoochun is doing as he waits for his next court date.

JYJ Park Yoochun‘s younger brother, actor Park Yoo Hwan, previously mentioned on his live broadcast that his older brother is doing “fine”. He held his second consecutive live broadcast to update his fans about his family. He claimed that they’re all “doing a little better than yesterday.


He also revealed that Park Yoochun spends his day at home, getting better by focusing on the support of his family.

We’re doing a little better than yesterday. It’s surprising.

He’s at him home right now. He’s probably watching this broadcast. He’s okay.

— Park Yoo Hwan


Park Yoo Hwan also touched upon the fact that the majority of the general public “hate” his brother, him and his family. But he vowed to get better each day with the help of their fans.

It’s a difficult time. I know a lot of people hate us. But I decided to hold this broadcast to show people that we’re doing okay. I trust that we’ll get better each day. Thank you for all your support.

I know a lot of people hate us but I’m okay. I hope everyone is okay too. I came to cheer you guys up but it seems I’m the one feeling better because of this broadcast.

— Park Yoo Hwan


When his fans asked him about his own future promotions and activities, he replied that he’s “not sure, but [that he’ll] try” to make a comeback soon.

Source: MK Sports

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