Park Yoochun Responds To CCTV Catching Him Buying Drugs And Alleged Needle Marks On His Hands

He explained his story for both of those events.

Police had found CCTV video of JYJ‘s Park Yoochun visiting a rarely visited building to pick up drugs through the “throwing method”. The “throwing method” is when the buyer deposits the money into a secret account and the seller hides the drugs in a discrete place for the buyer to pick up anonymously.

Park Yoochun had reportedly been caught on CCTV twice in February and March. He visited buildings in Gangnam and Yeoksam that had low foot traffic to pick up a package and “run off as if he was being chased“.

During his questioning, Park Yoochun claimed he only went to pick up items for Hwang Hana and had no idea that it was drugs.

I was at the scene, but I only went because of Hwang Hana’s request. I never knew it was drugs.

— Park Yoochun


The CCTV also caught him visiting an atm to deposit money to an account that allegedly belongs to a drug seller. In the video, there appears to be a bruised injury caused by a sharp object. Police speculated it could have been needle marks used to inject drugs into his system.

However, Park Yoochun denied the claims. He explained that he only deposited money for Hwang Hana’s request without knowing it was for drugs. He also claimed the injury was unrelated to drugs.

I deposited the money because Hwang Hana asked me to.

The injury was just a scar from a sharp object. It has nothing to do with drugs.”

— Park Yoochun

As Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana’s statements seem to conflict one another, the police plan on cross-examining them again to get to the truth.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s agency explained that all of the circumstances are explainable and asked the media to refrain from spreading speculations.

The police and Park Yoochun’s statements about the circumstance may be different. All of the CCTV videos are explanable. Any other specific details are related to the police’s investigation so we cannot talk about it.

There are a lot of speculations in the midst of Park Yoochun’s investigation with the CCTV. We find it regretful to see media press continue to write about the speculations.”

— C-Jes Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun and TV Report

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