Police Secure CCTV Footage Of JYJ’s Yoochun Purchasing Drugs

They discovered CCTV of Yoochun purchasing drugs.

According to MBC, the police have secured CCTV footage showing JYJ‘s Yoochun purchasing drugs prior to using the drugs with Hwang Hana.

It was determined that Yoochun was purchasing drugs through the “throwing method”, and the police are now focusing investigations on the exact routes the purchased and seller used, as well as the number of times Yoochun used this method. With the “throwing method”, the purchaser sends the money to the seller, and the seller leaves the package with the drugs in a third-party, neutral, location. This makes it so the purchaser and the seller never have to meet. They can also avoid the police, who are always attempting to identify both buyers and sellers.

Police have secured numerous CCTV videos showing Yoochun depositing money to the seller and also showing up at the third-party, neutral location where the package was hidden to pick up the drugs. They have also confirmed that they obtained details of the phone calls that Yoochun made on the day he picked up the drugs.

Robert Holley, who was arrested on charges of using methamphetamines, also used the “throwing method” to obtain his drugs. Police will continue to investigate Yoochun to determine whether he blatantly lied during his press conference.

Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal

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