Park Yoochun Claims Reports About His Waxing Are Untrue

He claimed that reports were false.

Park Yoochun has stated that he did not use body waxing in order to destroy evidence before his police investigations.

On the morning of April 18, Park Yoo Chun’s lawyer explained that Yoochun regularly waxed certain parts of his body during his promotions. He also clarified that the police have already taken samples from his unwaxed legs and head for inspection.

Park Yoochun has been waxing prts of his body on a regular basis since his days of active promotion in the past. The police have already taken a sufficient amount of hair from his unwaxed legs and from his head, and sent it to the National Forensic Service for examination.

ㅡ Park Yoo Chun’s lawyer


His lawyer also requested that the press refrains from reporting unverified, speculative information.

Park Yoochun is currently complying with the police investigation faithfully. The fact that unverified facts are being reported as (Park Yoochun’s) police investigation through some media outlets is of grave concern and we ask that you refrain from releasing speculative reports.

ㅡ Park Yoochun’s lawyer


Park Yoochun returned home after being investigated for approximately 9 hours at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency. The police seem to be placing importance on his behavior for destruction of evidence.

Park Yoochun has frequently bleached his hair until recently and this is a method that is often used to reduce traces of drugs in the hair. Moreover, the police revealed that they secured CCTV footage of Park Yoochun purchasing drugs.

Source: Starin

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