Park Yoochun Continues To Deny Drug Use After Testing Positive

“We are looking into how Philopon entered his system…”

On April 25, Park Yoochun‘s lawyer stated that Park Yoochun’s statement claiming he did not use any drugs still stands.

We cannot deny the test results of the National Forensic Service. Park Yoochun’s position that he did not do drugs is unchanged.

ㅡ Park Yoochun’s lawyer


Park Yoochun’s lawyer further stated that they are currently reviewing how the drug got into his system before he begins his next investigation.

We do not have much time before the investigation but we are looking into how Philopon entered his system and was detected through the National Forensic Service test (when he didn’t do the drugs).

ㅡ Park Yoochun’s lawyer


The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency officially filed the pre-trial arrest warrant for Park Yoochun after he tested positive for Philopon (methamphetamine) use.

It was reported that Park Yoochun purchased a total of 1.5g of Philopon of which 0.5g was injected over 5 times with ex-fiancée Hwang Hana.


Meanwhile, C-JeS Entertainment has terminated Park Yoochun’s contract and he currently awaits further investigations to be held on April 26.

Source: Yonhap News

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