Park Yoochun’s Drug Case Forwarded To Prosecution, Apologizes For Lying

“I will accept all the punishment…”

It has been revealed that Park Yoochun, who has been undergoing police investigations for his drug charges, began using drugs last summer.

After continuously claiming that he was innocent, he finally confessed that he began administering the drugs out of curiosity. The police have completed investigations and forwarded his case to prosecution on May 3.


As Park Yoochun stepped out from the Suwon Nambu Police Station with his hands tied, he made an apology in front of reporters and stated that he will receive all his punishment and spend his life reflecting upon himself.

I would like to say to many people that I am very sorry for lying. I’m reflecting upon myself. I will accept all the punishment and live reflecting upon myself. I sincerely apologize.

ㅡ Park Yoochun


On April 10, Park Yoochun held a press conference declaring that he was innocent and that he had never done drugs before. It was later revealed through numerous investigations that he had purchased and administered Philopon (methamphetamine) with his ex-fiancée Hwang Hana and by himself as well.

Source: Yonhap News

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