Park Yoochun Gets Moved To Police Station After Being Handcuffed

He looked up at the sky before getting into the car.

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun arrived at the district court earlier today but was seen leaving with his hands tied to his body.


He looked much grimmer than when he had first entered.


He had reported to the district court for further questioning but was moved to the police station.


The action of tying someone’s hands and arms is only traditionally done on criminals.


Park Yoochun tested positively for methamphetamine during his drug test, but he continues to deny that he used drugs.


Perhaps due to his claims to being innocent, he gazed up at the sky as he was led out by officers surrounded around him.


He stared longingly at the sky for quite a while as he was led to the van that will take him to the police station.


Police have already filed for an arrest warrant and the decision is set to be announced later today.

Source: Xports News

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