Park Yoochun Cast As Lead In Indie Film, Marking His Official Return Since His Drug Controversy

Is his retirement officially cancelled?

Park Yoochun is making his comeback into the entertainment industry with a new movie.

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On February 18th, it has been revealed that Park Yoochun has been cast as the male lead in an upcoming indie film, Make An Offering to Evil. This will be his first big screen comeback since his 2017 movie, Lucid Dream. This also marks his first male lead role since 2014, where he played Dongsik in the movie, Haemoo.

Poster for “Haemoo” | Next Entertainment World

This news may come as a surprise since the actor and former idol member previously announced his retirement from the industry. In 2019, Park Yoochun shocked the nation after his numerous drug charges were released to the public. The shock continued after he confirmed to the methamphetamine charges against him. Shortly after the confirmation, the former JYJ member announced that he would retire from the entertainment industry. He was sentenced to two years of probation and a fine of 1.4 million won.

Park Yoochun at his drug trial | Billboard

While he has been making small returns with the release of an album, a photobook, and his YouTube channel, this indie film will mark his official return to the industry. The movie is set to begin filming later this month.

Source: Chosun and Instagram
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