PD Na Young Suk Shares How BTS’s V Ended Up Joining The Cast Of tvN Show “Jinny’s Kitchen”

The seed was planted almost a year ago!

On February 22, the entire cast of tvN’s upcoming show Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s) attended an online press conference where they talked about their experience on the show and shared some interesting facts. Five of the cast members, Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu MiPark Seo JoonChoi Woo Shik, and BTS‘s V, were joined by Na Young Suk, or Na PD, the host of the show.

During the conversation, the MC asked Na PD how the cast’s maknae V ended up joining the show. He responded that getting V on board was his idea, and he personally contacted the BTS member about it.

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But Na PD was inclined to get V on the show for one specific reason, and it goes back quite a few months. Around May last year, a crossover between BTS’s variety show Run BTS and Na PD’s show The Game Caterers happened, resulting in a three-episode long series for each program. During this filming, he met V for the first time.


After playing the games, each member of BTS got a reward. V’s gift was a ticket to crash Na PD’s show whenever he wanted. Na PD admitted that the gift was created half-jokingly, thinking V would laugh it off. But then, he learned through someone that V had kept the ticket safe in his closet! This made him feel that V might be interested in such programs, and since the production of Seojin’s was at the planning stage then, he contacted V to discuss if he would be interested in joining.


When the MC asked V to confirm the story, V said he kept it in his closet, but he didn’t think the coupon has been used yet. Na PD contacted him personally, which technically means he didn’t crash his show, and he still has the chance to do it sometime later. His plan was to use the coupon to play some games, but before he knew it, he had become a part of a survival game in Seojin’s.



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