“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung’s Older Sister Shocks With Her Visuals, Proving That Good Looks Run In The Family

Their bond on Instagram shows just how close they are!

When BTS‘s Jungkook traveled to Qatar ahead of the World Cup opening ceremony, one of the first things netizens noticed was how handsome the Korean soccer players were.

BTS’s Jungkook and the Korean national soccer team

Yet, one person definitely caught the eye of netizens and football fans worldwide, and it was “Player 9.” From the minute he stepped onto the pitch, he captured the hearts of millions.

Player 9 | BBC

Of course, that wasn’t his name, and eventually, everyone found out he was 98′ liner Cho Gue Sung.

Cho Gue Sung | @whrbtjd/Instagram
| @whrbtjd/Instagram

Along with his team becoming a stan account for the soccer player, netizens were able to find out more about the athlete and see more content.


Yet, it seems like visuals must be hereditary after a video went viral on TikTok when netizens found the soccer player’s older sister’s Instagram account.

In the photos, Cho Gue Sang’s sister looks absolutely elegant and beautiful in the pictures she’s posted.

Cho Gue Sung’s sister | @twowon2014/Instagram
| @twowon2014/Instagram

In particular, she has been showcasing her support for Cho Geu Sang by sharing pictures of her and the rest of the family watching matches, sporting their jerseys, and much more. What’s even more shocking is her ageless visuals after explaining that she’s a mother to two boys in her bio.

| @twowon2014/Instagram
| @twowon2014/Instagram
| @twowon2014/Instagram

Of course, it’s the images of the two siblings together that truly caught the attention of netizens. In the photos, the two seem truly like sibling goals as she wishes her brother well in the matches, and it’s safe to say that visuals must run in the family.

| @twowon2014/Instagram

When the video was shared, and netizens found her Instagram account, they couldn’t get over just how good-looking the pair was. They couldn’t get over just how good the family genes must be to both have visuals that could easily be seen in idols or actors.

Sometimes families have all the luck, and the Cho family is definitely blessed with visual genes. It’s also touching how supportive they are of each other. His sister has constantly been showing love to her dongsaeng throughout the tournament.

You can read more about “Player 9” going viral below.

“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Shocks With Legendary IRL Visuals In Unedited Images — Just By Taking Off His Mask

Source: @koreabyjenny and @twowon2014

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