Police Officially Apply For Park Yoochun’s Arrest Warrant

They have filed for his arrest warrant.

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency have filed for an arrest warrant for JYJ‘s Park Yoochun for violating the laws regarding drug usage and purchase. Park Yoochun is suspected of purchasing methamphetamines by his home in Seoul and using it with Hwang Hana earlier this year.

The police are basing their arrest warrant on Hwang Hana’s testimony and the CCTV videos they have obtained showing Park Yoochun paying hundreds of thousands of won into a suspected drug dealer’s account.

Police have been conducting investigations on both Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana, the latter of which was already arrested on charges of drug administration and her case has been sent to prosecution. Hwang Hana testified that she used the drugs with Park Yoochun, sparking the investigation into him. Park Yoochun was scheduled to conduct a cross-examination with Hwang Hana, but ultimately the examination did not happen.

Park Yoochun previously held an emergency press conference stating he did nothing wrong and never used drugs, openly asking the police to investigate him for drug use. He also voluntarily submitted himself for police investigation and was questioned for the third time on April 22. His legal counsel has currently filed a lawsuit against MBC‘s Newsdesk for damages after they reported on Park Yoochun’s alleged drug use.

Source: Osen

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