“Nth Room” Cho Joo Bin Confesses to Targeting Famous Idol and Actress

The police discovered photos of a famous idol and actress on Cho Joo Bin’s phone.

The main administrator of Telegram‘s “Baksa Room”, Cho Joo Bin has confessed that there were a famous idol and actress among his victims in the chatroom where young and underage girls were tortured and sexually abused for the paid members of the group.

Cho Joo Bin has been handed over to the justice court for charges of filming and circulating illegal material, indecent assault, and committing lewd conduct with minors.

According to an exclusive report, photos of a famous former idol, Ms. A and a famous actress, Ms. B were secured from Cho Joo Bin’s phone during the investigation. In the photos, the two celebrities posed with their thumb and pinky sticking up, which was a signature pose that all victims of the “Baksa Room” were forced to make. The police have stated that they call upon the two victims for further investigation. In addition, the police also secured sexual exploitation videos of 3 cheerleaders from Cho Joo bin’s possession.

The police added that Cho Joo Bin attempted to target numerous famous celebrities. Through a social worker who was an accomplice in operating the “Baksa Room”, Cho Joo Bin attempted to secure personal information of popular girl group members, Ms. C and Ms. D as well. He used the same method to attempt to secure the phone number of a famous actress, Ms. E. Cho Joo Bin attempted to approach female celebrities using the same method he used on JTBC’s Sohn Suk Hee, but he failed. It’s been revealed that many of the numbers provided by the social worker were incorrect. The police shared, “It appears that Cho Joo Bin targeted the celebrities because they have money, and he believed that even if he scammed them, they wouldn’t talk about it.

Cho Joo Bin has been investigated for threatening 26 women starting last May, filming pornographic videos and selling them to paid members of his 38 telegram chatrooms. Among the victims were 8 underage girls. Furthermore, Cho Joo Bin is suspected of threatening Ms. F (15) that he would circulate a video filmed of her naked and meeting up with her in person to commit similar acts of sexual assault. The prosecution plans to conduct a corroborative investigation regarding charges for operating a criminal organization.


Source: Naver News

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case